I am trying to set up an .shtml page template that uses one standard_header_1.inc and one standard_footer_1.inc. The standard_header_1.inc has a <BASE HREF="http://www.kripalu.org> tag in the <HEAD></HEAD> section.

The test_page_1.shtml sees the standard_header_1.inc fine, but does not see the standard_footer_1.inc.


I wonder if it is because the <BASE HREF> tag is in the first include and not, of course, in the second? Does anyone know about and have a fix for this?

The test page HTML is:

<!-- test_page_1.shtml -->

<!--#include virtual="../../includes/standard_header_1.inc"-->

<h1>This is test content on test_page_1.shtml.</h1>


<!--#include virtual="../../includes/standard_footer_1.inc"-->