Hello all, I really hope someone can help me figure this out.

Just to get specifics out of the way:
Windows 2003 XP Server with IIS 6. Installed PHP 5.2.9 and MySQL 5.1.34 recently.

I'm trying to use ClickHeat (labsmedia.com/clickheat/index.html) to begin research for the redesign of a site.

Having trouble with the gd2 library. When I visit the index.php file for ClickHeat directory I get the following error message for the GD Graphics Library:

imagecreatetruecolor() unavailable, can't create images (with good quality), check that GD is installed

I've looked at my phpinfo.php file and see that the Graphics Library doesn't seem to be installed. But, the PHP version I installed came with all the extensions I needed.

Also, I have uncommented all of the proper extensions in php.ini within the PHP\ext folder. After doing that I restarted the server, per instructions.

Same error & problems.

Been at it for over a week now, and it's starting to grate on my last nerve.

A few things to note:
There are two drives that I use, C & E. E is where the Inetpub\wwwroot folder is located. C was too full for PHP, so it's in E:\PHP. MySQL is in C:\MySQL because it wouldn't install properly to Program Files.

PHP wouldn't install with the installer, so I used a walkthrough and manually installed it. Worked like a charm.

So in short, ClickHeat can't see the php_gd2.dll file and phpinfo.php doesn't show that the graphics library is even there.

I would consider myself a beginner programmer and am very, very new to anything having to do with servers, so this may be my downfall. So, any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more information, just let me know.