I'm surprised because I'm thinking of renting a dedicated server located in the US. I know for shared hosting US has always been cheaper and more features than in France. The customer service as well is years ahead in the US.

But when looking for dedicated servers today in 2009 I'm surprised at the prices, perhaps you can explain to me why is it like that?
Please note that I never bought a dedicated hosting yet.
I looked at the sitepoint sponsor, HostGator:

I looked at 2 dedicated offers in France (from both main webhosting companies)

I take the most expensive ones for each :
$374.00 hostgator
€120 for both french ($170)

and the specs are similar:
hg: Intel Xeon 3360 (Quad Core) | db: Quad X3350/X3360 (Quad Core) | ks: i7-920
hg: 8GB | db: 8GB | ks: 6GB
hg: 2x 500 GB | db: 2x 1TB | ks: 250 GB
hg: 2,500 GB (no speed indicated) | db: unlimited at 100Mbit/s | ks: unlimited at 1Gbit/s

So it seems to my untrained eyes that DediBox is the best offer of all three, but then see the price difference:
That's $200 more for hostgator per month.

I guess my question is simply "how can this price difference between France and USA be explained?"

I am used to think that USA are way advanced in Internet and so have lower prices for better specs. Perhaps hostgator is a bad example? I think I saw some similar prices for dedicated hosting when I was browsing US web hosting providers. Because I don't want to host in France, but still I looked at their offer and I am puzzled and perhaps there's something I'm missing, a piece of information or something I read badly because I don't know what to look for exactly when shopping for dedicated hosting.