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    Using Links In Table To Set Record ID Variable To Display MySql Records

    I have three tables with about 25 cells apiece. In the cells I have words that characterize a certain type of data..say "Dog", "Cat", "ferret", and "parakeet". When someone clicks on a link i then want to pass a variable, say either "1", "2", "3" or "4" to a display page that displays another table showing all the records in the table that are of the type of "Dog", "cat", "ferret" or "parakeet". My problem is figuring out how to do this.
    The link in the three tables only takes me either to a target on the same page or to another page with or without a target. If I go to a target <name=xxxx> and then use a <input type="hidden" value="1,2,3, or 4> statement and then carry that variable to the table display page.....and use it to display all the records with a link that will display an individual record.... is that the way to do this? IOW, I am not sure how to take the initial table links and generate a variable value to give to my select statement to pull up the records in the table corresponding to the type data....once I get into the table showing all the records in the table of that kind i am do i get there from the original table with the links in each cell...?? Can someone guide me to getting from the orignal table to the record selector table??? Is this confusing? I am sorry. could someone talk me through this so I understand the best way to do it..... Thanks Jerry Wing

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    table link

    hi.. I don't know if i understand your question correctly but here is what I think I understood.. (this is using ASP)

    1. you have a page displaying a table with data..
    2. when someone clicks a cell on your table you want it to be use as a filter for the next page..

    refer to attached.. (don't know if this is what your looking for)
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