The past couple days I've been playing with ruby because I want to learn rails but I feel that if I have a full understanding of ruby then it will make the task of fully understanding rails a lot simpler (I tried learning rails and got about half-way through Sitepoint's Simply Rails 2 2nd Edition and decided I wasn't understanding it well enough). So, I started to write programs, (I've done a little coding in Python and C++ but I never actually used it for anything practical, just playing around as I am now with ruby) and I've noticed that the code is extremely simple and I no longer have to remember things but rather my time is spent thinking logically about how a program should run, which is how I feel it should be. So far, I love ruby.

I've written a program that I want to show my friend who is not a ruby developer and figured I should just make the .rb into a .exe so I could show him. I discovered that (as far as I know) there is no way to change a .rb into a .exe. I looked up how to do it and I came across someone who was asking a similar question on another forum but the only response was one that was basically saying "Why would you want to do that, it's pointless". I don't understand what he meant. Am I misunderstanding the purpose of ruby? What is the actual purpose for ruby if it is not to make programs that can run as standalone projects?

I looked into RubyScript2Exe but it appears to only work with older versions of ruby.