I've been asked by two separate clients for the same functionality within a CMS. This is what I need:

  • list of products in several categories
  • user can select products they are interested in (check box/button)
  • user then provides contact details (name, email, phone no)
  • email goes to the company giving the contact details and details of products selected
  • company can then contact the user to discuss the products

So similar to, but not as complex as, a shopping cart. Now, I know how to do this using PHP/MySQL from scratch, but I don't know which CMS might allow me to do this.

The CMS I currently use (which I inherited) is CMS Made Simple, which is great for basic sites, but very difficult to add extensions.

I looked at Joomla a while back, but it looked too complex for the user.

Any ideas on what open source CMS would allow me to do this? Or one that is fairly straightforward to adapt?

Many, many thanks!