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    Planning an application in PHP

    I've always just jumped directly into coding with little or no planning. However, after having changed an applications architecture due to coding inconsistencies and severe coupling, I've regretted not having planned anything out. And this doesn't only apply to OO, but design components, naming conventions, Javascript libraries and database tables.

    In terms of planning, how should I approach this issue? Should I just use a pencil and paper and figure out as much I can? Are there any online services? Should I always prepare a SRS or SPMP?

    What do you guys recommend?
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    I start with the data, since that's usually the center of most software we right. Designing the database requires you to think about all the data you might need to store and how you're going to work with it. Working out the complete schema is the first thing I do. First entities, then attributes, then refine it to columns, constraints, etc.

    After that, I decide what the major modules of the application will be. The parts of the site that are related and will share code, things like that.

    Beyond that, I don't do any planning myself. It comes out as it comes out. But for big projects, I use a framework, which promotes good organization and low coupling if you don't purposely try to combine layers where they shouldn't be combined. And lets me focus on coding what this application does, instead of the stuff every application does (routing, parsing input, etc.).


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