I am looking for an open source solution to put in place for a photographer. His customers need to be able to see proofs of pictures and then be able to submit orders to him. It doesn't really matter if it is a dedicated CMS, an extension to a larger CMS, or an ad hoc tool.

Everything I've looked at costs a fortune (or more than is affordable right now), and is geared mostly for stock imagery sites anyway. Specifically, I'm looking for something that can create albums, password protect those albums for customer login, and possibly integrate with some sort of commerce system for ordering prints. My photographer client will be managing everything himself, so it will need to be user friendly.

Lacking a photography geared CMS, I've been thinking about some duct-tape solutions. The first that came to mind was to use a CMS that doesn't have too much of a learning curve (for my client), and use it to create password protected directories. Once logged in, the customer would have access to his albums. When the customer is in an album, I would have a JavaScript script automatically create a slide-show out of whatever images are in the album, that way my client doesn't have to mess with HTML. I haven't gotten to the commerce side of the whole thing yet though...

Obviously this is a bit (well, more than a bit!) messy! Any and all advice is appreciated! Thanks in advanced!