for some reason, my parameters aren't getting through to a .Net WS that I'm trying to connect with. Following is my code:
PHP Code:
$client = new SOAPClient($wsurl,array('trace' => 1));
$params = array('paymentConfirmationXml'=>$xml'emailAddress'=>$em);
$result $client->__soapCall('SendConfirmationEmail', array($params));
"RESPONSE:\n" $client->__getLastResponse(); 
the response I'm getting is basically saying that it didn't have anything to work from. I've talked with the dev on the other side and he doesn't even see my request in the logs. I've pulled my request sent with $client->__getLastRequest() and when he puts it through manually, it works. But it's like the request just isn't getting there. Am I missing something in my code?