Hello everyone,

I started studying IT in september 2008.
I managed to jump to the second year in february 2009. (after 5 months and lots of hard work).
I am about to finish my first semester which included:
a- Some advanced CSS
b- JavaScript
c- php
d- JSON (AJAX using JavaScript and php instead of xml)
e- (Interaction design, user centered design)

my planned next semester in September 2009 is supposed to contain:
a- ActionScript
b- Flash
c- some xml i guess
d- something related to user friendly stuff ..

I intend to do a co-op in February 2010 (We have to do a 6-months co-op where we go to a company and work and complete a certain assignment or project).

Does anyone know if this would get me a training place with some good companies in Vancouver in february 2010? I am in the Netherlands at the moment and I think that a training in a country like Canada will get me a better CV.

(By the way My third semester planned in September 2010 is about XML, XSL, XPath, XQuery and communicating with a database)

(A personal opinion about the choice of my semesters is also welcome)

Thanks in advance,