hey folks,
i m seo specialist and my boss has told me do revamp some sites along with database. now i get stuck again n again on php quotes, mysql commands and stuff. i followed lynda.com php n mysql tutorial but all i do is end up here asking question. wht shld i do. i mean i can't use drupal or joomla coz have my own design approved and i donno how to customize drupal or joomla with ur own themes. any quick and deep help in building a cms. meanwhile i m stuck on this line. i trying but i m getting error on line
Code PHP:
echo "<a href=\"content.php?cont=$catagories["id"]\">["name"]
i need work it out have website build n delivered by 2 weeks and i m still stuck with mysql queries and uploading n displaying files in php with mysql id-ing the files for reference. its so messed up. wht shld i do?