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    How much to charge for this design job...

    Hey guys,

    I hope this is appropriate; I am being contracted for a design job and i have to decide if I'd like to take it, and how much I am asking for the service. I'd appreciate any recommendations on how much I should charge, since I'm not up to date on this aspect.

    Brief Job Description:
    • design a system to take donations via, and be able to manage information regarding those who donated through a web interface
    • design a system to allow donors to write an informative page about their business, which will be indexed in a catalog page.
    • must have a web interface to allow the admin / donors to edit their page or delete it.

    The organization has little/no technical knowledge and I will have to do everything from obtaining the .com, setting up hosting / email accounts, setting up, obtaining SSL cert., to what I outlined above.

    I will also have to provide them with 2 week support until they become comfortable with the system; I will charge a fixed monthly maintenance fee thereafter.

    I appreciate all your insight.

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    Decide what your hourly rate is, calculate how long you think it will take, add a bit extra, give them the quote. Ensure that it is written in a contract that after the 2 week support they will have to pay for help if they need it, minimum 1 hour rate plus tax.
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    Hmmm... actually, I don't think this is the right area...
    Off Topic:

    Jonbey, your avatar is the guy from "The Office", isn't it

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    sounds like a fairly weighty-ish job to me. not a small one anyway. but obviously as jonbey says hours X hourly rate. are you able to estimate roughly how many hours it'll take?

    > Jonbey, your avatar is the guy from "The Office", isn't it

    uk or us office? uk one i guess. i don't think it is the guy from the office. i reckon it's jonbey himself!


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