I have a site with thousands of members that have entered cities. On the location browsing pages, I want it to list the top cities entered...

I've tried doing it as count but something is messing me up so I'm going to strip the code down to just the query that pulls all cities and the loop that displays them instead of having someone look at my mistake.

Code PHP:
$querycit = mysql_query("SELECT DISTINCT `info12` FROM usertable WHERE `info13` = '$location' AND `info12` <> '' AND active = '1'");

That is the query that pulls all cities listed from active members. info12 is the city, info13 is the state.

Code PHP:
																		  while($result5 = mysql_fetch_assoc($querycit)) { echo "<a href=\"/location.php?location=$location&searchcity=" . $result5["info12"] . "\" />" . $result5["info12"] . "</a>, "; }

That's the loop that prints the cities and links them to the browsing page. What I was trying to do is limit the results to only display cities if they appear at least twice. That way if members enter something silly, it won't be seen.

Thanks for your help!