I am just creating my first website, so far using HTML and CSS only.

Among other things, part of the website function to provide information about golf courses in Scotland. I want it to have the functionality for the user to specify several variables (i.e. location, cost, number of holes etc.) and for the website to generate the results that match their search...much in the same way that many job or property sites do.

Obviously, I will create and maintain the database, but is PHP the best way to generate this type of content? If so, I'd appreciate your recommendations as to how I best go about starting another learning curve?!

Also, as a future development, I'd also want to use a more visually appealing way of finding the same information. What I mean is, for example, the user knows they are going to be staying in Edinburgh and are interested in playing golf nearby. They can click the appropriate section of a map of Scotland and it brings up the potential venues.

Don't worry, there will be more to it than I describe above, but it's the basic principles and next steps that I'm interested in hearing your opinions on.

Many thanks,