Hello All --

I am currently using an open source piece of calendar software. This software inserts calendar entries into MYSQL based on an array of room id values like so:

PHP Code:
foreach ( $rooms as $room_id ) {

insert into calendar_entrues values ... 

I want to change the value of a variable within the foreach loop if one of the $rooms array elements equals a certain number. This variable would then be used as part of my insert.

For example, I tried something like this:

PHP Code:
foreach ( $rooms as $room_id ) {

if (
$rooms == "22") {
$hidden 1;
else {
$hidden 0

insert into calendar_entries values ($hidden...)

This code chugs right past my if statement and inputs 0 for each $hidden even when my $rooms = 22 is present.

So I'm thinking I'm looking for the correct syntax to check if each array element equals a certain value. If it is, then set $hidden to one value, if not, set it to something else.

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance!

-- Chris