I have maintain a music website. My problem is,

The client gave the music details data in xml files. In the xml file some data have a special character text. I have displayed the text from xml file in the website.

1. I have displayed the xml text in the music player flash.
2. another is i have displayed the same text in the html page.

In flash the special character text automatically converted but in the html page not converted the special character. Actually i have used the web font is Arial.

Example is given below,

I have converted the array format in javascript from the xml file.

Code JavaScript:
tracks['227347']	=	new Array();
tracks['227347']['details']	=	"Toda A Minha Vida - Original Extended Mix - Toda A Minha Vida - Syke’N’Sugarstarr feat. Bonny Ferrer - Egoiste";

Special Character text is : 'Syke’N’Sugarstarr feat'
Converted text is : 'SykeAC2122N Sugarstarr feat'

Flash is converted this special character - 'Syke’N’Sugarstarr feat'

but HTML page not converted this special character.

did you catch my point?

any idea to solve this issue?