hey folks,
i m creating a database which get info into page. i m going good but now i got two tables and i studied a lot abt RDBMS. i get the theory. the theory is like this and correct me if i m wrong suppose i have 2 tables in a db, one name pages, one called menu, the menu table got fields if id which is primary and auto increment,a name which is varchar, and than there is second table called pages in which i have a id which is auto increment n primary key, and i made a name_id field for relation with the name field in menu table. now i make this a foreign key. thats all there is to RDBMS. now i have that in mind but i cant make it work as in inside php. i wanna pull whats in id 1 of menu table from menu_id which is text relating to id=1 how do i put it? so it goes on for other id's too.