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    Problems with IE6 DIVS displaying in NS 4.x - help??

    Hello everyone,

    I developed content management system that includes a WYSIWYG editor for 'news stories'.

    Anyway, I use the <DIV> tag for this one in order to move photos etc around using drag and drop when editing a news story. The story editing takes place through IE 6. Bascially, I only need to be able to align the photos left or right in the news story. The story is saved in a MySQL database. Just to note I'm using the following javscript to actually insert the image into the div layer of a parent window :


    I have to use both of these, the first actually inserts the image (it doesn't position the image at all), the second does a popup box where I can set the image alignment etc of the inserted image. (this took a while to figure out!)

    Next, when I display a news story on the site, well, IE displays the story properly, however, NS 4.x will overlap images on top of the text.

    Would using relative vs absolute positioning in the WYSIWYG editor fix this problem? Is there something I can set that will cause IE 6 to use standard HTML positioning tags such as <IMG srce="xxx.gif" align="left" when inserting a photo into a layer?

    Would it be better just to have the script that displays the story on the site convert the DHTML positioning tags of the photos (in the story) into standard HTML's <img src="xxx.gif" align="left"> or align="right" ?

    Btw, the WYSIWYG editor is built using Javscript, DHTML and PHP.

    Just curious.
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