Hi guys,

I'm trying to use noobslide for a simple slideshow on a website.

I've used sample 1 and sample 7.
It works fine when they're all together on a single page.

But when I try to use each of them on 2 different pages,
it starts to give me error (IE 8, while working fine on FF).

These pages are sharing one same header(where the javascript is),
and I guess that's where the problem begins.

Because both pages will work fine when they have seperate header
(with seperate script).

This is the code from noobslide page.
  //SAMPLE 1 (auto, every 5 sec)
  var nS1 = new noobSlide({
   box: $('box1'),
   items: [0,1,2,3],
   size: 480,
   autoPlay: true
  //SAMPLE 7
  var startItem = 3; //or   0   or any
  var thumbs_mask7 = $('thumbs_mask7').setStyle('left',(startItem*60-568)+'px').set('opacity',0.8);
  var fxOptions7 = {property:'left',duration:1000, transition:Fx.Transitions.Back.easeOut, wait:false}
  var thumbsFx = new Fx.Tween(thumbs_mask7,fxOptions7);
  var nS7 = new noobSlide({
   box: $('box7'),
   items: [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7],
   handles: $$('#thumbs_handles7 span'),
   fxOptions: fxOptions7,
   onWalk: function(currentItem){
   startItem: startItem
  //walk to first with fx
I was wondering if it's possible to tweak the code a bit
to make both two sample work seperately while sharing the same script(header file).

Any help would be very much appreciated.