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    Database Design Problem

    Dear Gurus,
    Im new to database design and wanted to learn more by creating mine... You see, i got a project here and my task is to create a support knowledgebase that is on the web like the ones on microsoft, adobe and macromedia sites... Unfortunately, im the only one who should do this.

    Anyway, the situation goes on like this: There are questions for a specific product and that product is a software, and there could be a lot of questions for a specific product. Then, of course there would be solutions for a specific question and it could be one solution or many solutions. Each solutions has some notes or warnings and is Operating system specific. Then, each solution contains procedures - a step by step instruction on how-to implement that said solution.

    I do not know how to get it started.. could you help me? By the way, I shall be using Php as the server-side script and MySQL as the database Server. Also I would also like to put a web-based application wherein administrators can add/delete queries on the database.

    Please help.. I really need to do this...
    Thank you very much in advance...


    Sorry, I forgot this: what about the Search keywords? should i also add table/field for it? if so, how?
    thanks again..

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    Smile G'luck

    Well, it's a bit of a mouthfull and i'm not surprised that you haven't gotten any responses just yet. It's a bit more than just what a little help in here can/will handle as it usually is a job that people get paid (and paid well) to do.

    Anyways, my first suggestion is that you read the mysql documentation that came with your mysql download REALLY REALLY well. Then i'd suggest you get yourself some 'starter' SQL books (even SQL for Dummies can come in handy) - since you don't give any real indication on how high your level of skills are in both PHP and/or MySQL.

    A few places to go to get started:

    even places like:

    could come in handy.

    Sorry to put this bluntly(and i don't mean to appear rude or anything), but if you're being paid (and paid well) to do this then i'd suggest you either out-source the project or hire somebody with the skills present to do the job.

    if you have any, more specific, issues then please contact me or just put the question to the forum.

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