Okay, I am getting closer:

This is the code:

    $firstList = explode("\r", $_POST['listOne']); 
    $secondList = explode("\n", $_POST['listTwo']);

    <textarea name="BroadPhraseExact" id="BroadPhraseExact" cols="45" rows="15">
    <?php foreach ($firstList as $value) {
                 $first = $value;
                 foreach ($secondList as $value) {
                    $second = $value;
                    echo $first. " " .$second;
This is the output:

      One Two
One Four
One Six
Three Two
Three Four
Three Six
Five Two
Five Four
Five Six
So as you can see I am making SOME progress. I am not sure why the \r works but it made it format correctly. Now I need to fix the spaces at the beginning (which seems to be a tab) and four spaces at the end.