I need a login form for a website I'm designing. I considered taking the easy way out and using a pre-made script, but after reading and thinking I figure while it may take lots of time NOW to learn how to do it, in the long run it's worth it.

A post in the thread "what login script do you use?" somewhat outlined all the components needed to make up the entire thing (I'd link to it, but unfortunately, am not allowed to yet)

I'm hoping someone can A) Give me a general idea of the entire process. B) Point me in the direction of where I can find the most comprehensive help. I've looked around online (for the past 4 days) and it's really overwhelming. Seems like most demos or tutorials either start halfway into it, or end before it's completely done, up and running.

Also, would it be easier if I found a pre-made script to learn from and start writing my own based off that? Could someone provide one? I don't need a registration form, because the client will be providing login names and passwords for HIS clients.