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    Arrow Trim and format plain text

    I have the following script that converts line breaks from plain text into HTML formatted paragraphs. It takes plain text from one text area field and outputs the new formatted text into another text area field.

    function convertText(){
    var noBreaks = document.getElementById("oldText").value;
    noBreaks = noBreaks.replace(/\r\n/g,"[-LB-]");
    re4 = /\[-LB-\]\[-LB-\]/gi;
    noBreaks = noBreaks.replace(re4,"</p><p>");
    re5 = /\[-LB-\]/gi;
    noBreaks = noBreaks.replace(re5," ");
    noBreaks ='<p>'+noBreaks+'</p>';
    noBreaks = noBreaks.replace(/<\/p><p>/g,"</p>\r\n\r\n<p>");
    document.getElementById("newCode").value = noBreaks;
    <textarea id="oldText" name="oldText" rows="12" cols="90"></textarea>
    <textarea id="newCode" name="newCode" rows="12" cols="90"></textarea>
    <input type="button" value="Convert" onclick="javascript:convertText()">
    1. How can I trim/filter all double-spaces, triple-spaces, and so on? I only want single spaces to exist. Plus, is there a way to remove these spaces from the very begininng and end of each paragraph?

    2. Secondly, if there's a space (not a line break or carriage return) between each paragraph, it merges the two paragraphs together, instead of creating two separate paragraphs. Is there a way to fix this?


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    Good old regular expressions.

    noBreaks.replace(/( ){2,}/g," ") Replaces 2 or more consecutive spaces with a single space.

    Check out this great Regex tester/tool - design215[dotcom] toolbox regexp [dot PHP]


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