So, I was sitting down having a discussion with some friends over OOP the other day, and how it works, what it's principals are, and how it relates to code, like a person.
However, after this, I took a look at the code I had written the evening before, which is in a class, with different functions. And it's WAY to narrow! I know putting it in a class is going to save me some time, but I may aswell have it procedural unless it is true OOP (after all that's what it was designed for).
When I say to narrow, I mean, I miss out the Object part, and each thing can only be used once!
So, after readiny many tutorials, I was wandering if anyone had some practical code / examples? For example, my admin class has a write_article function, which takes all the arguments it could require, and so is obviously only used once. Is this defeating the object (no pun intended!).

Thanks for listening,