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    Arrow What are some quick ways to earn gold and exp on perfect world?

    if you are thinking of earning gold and exp faster than anyone else in perfect world, there is only one way to do it.
    Undoubtly, the best money earner class in this game is the Venomancer(Werefox). Reason is they will not be needing any charms at all if you are trying to fast level. In addition, battle pets used by this class often can deal with monsters that are 5 levels higher than you without much problem. You can honestly gain experience much faster when killing those high level monsters.
    Money is always a factor in this game, due to the fact that you will have the money to buy experience boosters like training scrolls, wedding cards(translation) and even special berries only obtainable when completing cultivation. Again, Venomancer is the one to go with. This class comes with 2 skills to regen your HP and MP at level 20+(HP) and 30+(MP) so you basically will not need potions after these skills are learned. The fact that pets are very strong in defense status enables you to solo FBs without much problem earlier than most other classes. The other classes like Barbarian can also solo but they will be needing the aid of charms which most of the time not needed by Venomancer.

    The higher your level goes, more money is needed to spend in daily activities, so i really would suggest that although Venomancer might not be your choice to play, its not a bad idea to not train one for easy farming of reputation, experience and money further in the game.

    PS:If the current perfect world international still pays few thousand golds for pet eggs then you earn money faster using Venomancer by catching those eggs and sell them to the NPC.

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