I just spent months switching apps over to LINQ to SQL and after a recent post here I see that LINQ to SQL may or may not have a future. Entity framework is either replacing it or absorbing it. Honestly, I can't figure out what's really going on with all the marketing babble and a very low signal to noise ratio on the subject. Many complaints of the EF being less useful or even useless. My head is swimming over this.

Quite frankly, I really like LINQ to SQL. It's quick and easy to implement and it just makes sense to me. It also dramatically shrinks the number of lines of code just about anywhere I use it.

What's my next logical step? This whole ordeal makes me not trust microsoft all over again. Should I just go with a third party solution that actually has a clear plan and future vision? Am I concerned about nothing? I haven't looked into EF yet so I don't know how difficult it is to rewrite LINQ to SQL into EF.