Im quietly confidant in my .php skills for general website backend stuff, however im considering recreating A Recreational Dive Planner for Scuba diving bottom times and surface intervals (Scuba divers will know what i mean)..

Im going to be working in .php and MySQL, once im up and running with how to set out the MySQl db then i believe that coding the .php side of things will be the lesser evil, although i do know it will test my limits.

So i've been seriously looking at a well known Recreational Dive Planner and the more i look at it the more i become confused at how to turn it into a database, ie pressure groups to be tied to both dive depths, time limits and surface intervals as well as RNT's and repetetive diving

Are there any coders who are divers out there who have done a similar project who dont mind giving me a heads up on where to start, im not asking for some-one to do it for me just a point in the right direction.. Thanks