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    I would like to start a greeting card service.
    I have 2 questions:
    - What is the easiest way to make a script for greeting cards without having to use one of the free greeting card providers sites? Mind you, my native language is Dutch, so I would like the service to be in Dutch.
    - How can I prevent users to grab a copy of my pictures from my site?

    Thx, Luke

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    Easiest way to make a script would be to use a database backend, PHP and MySQL if you're on *nix, Cold Fusion and Access if you're on NT. You would also use those languages to send out the greeting cards.

    As to how you can make sure no one steals your images, you can't. There is no way, shape, or form to stop someone from stealing your images.

    You can however make it very hard, first use a program to watermark the images for identification in any legal proceedings, then use javascript to both hide the source code and disallow right-clicks on the screen.

    That would make it hard, but a determined and smart person would be able to thwart you just the same.



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