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    Best way to check if record exists.

    I have been using mysql_numrows($sql) and checking the count to do an insert or update.

    A while back r937 implied it was the most inefficient way to do things.

    Two things come up on a regular basis, insert or update and check if a record exists. So to get away from mysql_numrows($sql) to insert or update, should I be using,

    PHP Code:
    IF(COUNT(*) > 0'OK''Failed') as Status 

    PHP Code:
    INSERT INTO users SET username 'loren'text='hello' ;

    ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE Status 'loren' 
    The second option sound most reasonable. I am also working with free radius where loren can have many attributes and each attribute is in its own row.

    name | attribute
    loren | max_session_time
    loren | max_bandwidth_down
    loren | max_bandwidth_up

    In this case is the first option recommended?

    The second question is to just see if a record exists, would the first option be the best or would SELECT DISTINCT be better?

    I'm still Googling and found (just copied and pasted)

    PHP Code:
    REPLACE INTO `transcripts`
    SET `ensembl_transcript_id` = 'ENSORGT00000000001',
    transcript_chrom_start` = 12345,
    transcript_chrom_end` = 12678
    Along these lines, a third question, when deleteing a record should you check to see if it exists or just run the delete query.

    Many thanks, there is a lot of info out there and many ways of doing things so I hope someone can set me down the right path.


    Oops, thought I was in the mysql forum, posted in the wrong place.
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