I am working on a project that requires some functionality that I am not quite sure how to implement. The basic structure is very simple. Its going to be a wordpress blog, people can leave comments, rate them and have the option to "subscribe" to the comments so every time someone replies they get an email.

I have no idea how to implement this. Maybe there's a wordpress plugin, maybe its simple AJAX or PHP technology.

Here it is broken down (what I have to do):
- like I said ALL this site is made of is comments (go to w w w.fmylife.c o m for an example of what I am doing), I am going to put a link that says "Comment" at the bottom of each story/comment and when people click it I want a big text box to drop down without having to refresh the page (AJAX functionality I guess) and also the submit button (I don't want the submit button to appear until the text box drops down)...next to the submit button will be a check box asking if the user wants to subscribe to this comment which, by default, will be checked. And just like Facebook, whenever they get a response to their comment it sends them an email with a link to the comment and shows the actual reply in the email.

- I also want to implement a rating system for the comments, I am hoping there's an easy WP plugin for this, I need to change the icon from stars to a martini as well

-I want people to be able to register on this site as well, and not be able to comment without registering...but all they need to register is a username, password, email, and CAPTCHA.

- Last, but def not least, I need a box on the right sidebar that people can enter in their own comment/story and it follows them down the page. If there is a way to do this by locking the box up in the top right so it doesn't appear as its racing down the page as people scroll that would be incredible.

If anyone can help me with any of this by guiding me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. I am a seasoned web designer, by on the development side it takes me forever because I always have to figure everything out. Deadline is tomorrow morning :/