Hello forum. This is my first post! So hi to all.

I have a problem with wp-o-matic. I am running wp 2.6. I have installed and configured wpomatic to run on my blog. It fetches fine, pulling in feeds and images. However, when I go to my site I see that only 1 or 2 of the images show. On the ones that don't show up there is a blank image box. When I right click on the box and click on "properties", it shows that the image is cached and provides the link to the image along with the size. So therefore I am assuming that the pic is there. I used Firefox browser to set the website up so I checked it in IE and the exact same 1 or 2 images showed up and the ones I couldn't see in Firefox were the same ones that did not show up in IE. So now I am thinking that it must be in a wordpress setting or such. (Actually I am totally lost!).

Could some of you go to my site and tell me what you see? If you don't see any images could you give me a possible reason for this to happen? Some images show but most don"t.

Just found out that I can not post links yet. How do I give you my site link?