OK, I have seen this script mentioned many times in here and i have actually used it on many occasions but I seem to be running into a bit of a snafoo here. I have it working perfectly but the problem is that my dropdown in the navigation quit working when I remove the onLoad from the body tag, which I need to do in order to get Greybox to work. catch 22 here. So I am looking for a solution to get Greybox to work with the onLoad.

I looked in their FAQ (see second to last faq) and i see something mentioned about the onload, but it refers to the preloading of images and I am not sure how to use their solution as the text seems to be geared towards programmers and I am not much (just a little) of a programmer.

So if someone could explain how to go about doing this, i would greatly appreciat it.

So here is the page that Greybox is installed on:

It currently has the onLoad in the body tag so the Lightbox is not actually working, it opens up in another page.

Many thanks,