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    Upload an image to mysql database

    I have spent most of the day looking for a good tutorial that will explain to me how I create a script that allows multiple images to be uploaded into a mysql database from an html form.

    I would then like to be able to download the images from the database so that I can store them in a folder on my desktop.

    Could someone please send me in the right direction as to how to do this and where I can find a good tutorial that we will help me understand what is happening.


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    Most people do not store images in databases, they store them on the file system. They may well store the path, and filename and meta data like the size in a database.

    But if you are determined to do that, here is some stuff google found.

    If you are new to uploading, then you must read the manual pages over and again until you understand the complexity, security implications and size settings that govern this operation.

    file upload

    There is a chapter on multi-file uploads.

    Don't skimp on the security aspect of this, that way you can take a good shot assessing the suitability of other uploader scripts you may find.


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