I am really struggling to get a link_to link working in my view. I want to link to a controller and an action with two variables. This has a route set up as below:

map.show_all_news 'article/showall/:month/:year', :controller => '/article', :action => 'showall', :month => /\d{1,2}/, :year => /\d{4}/
The route seems to work okay as when I type in localhost:3000/article/showall/04/2009 it works and displays the correct content etc.

However I can't get the link_to working in the view to display links to it. I've followed various instructions on the web but can't seem to get it solved.

I've got this in my view at the moment for the link_to

<%= link_to 'April 2009', show_all_news_path(:month => 04, :year => 2009) %>