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    Windows switched my default user folders

    I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3.

    My username is 'Kevin'. My default location for My Documents and files used to be in the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator".

    Now when I login as 'Kevin', my default location for My Documents and files is in a folder called "C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator.LOTHLORIEN".

    "LOTHLORIEN" is the name of my computer on the network, and it appears to have created a new directory and it is set as my default location.

    Is there a way I can boot with my old profile file location? My username "Kevin" is still the same, its just like my personal settings got moved. My Desktop, programs all are changed now unless I navigate to my old folder in my documents and settings folder. I'm not sure if I should try rolling back my system restore? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I experienced the same problem, not so long ago.
    and found out that it was caused by some kind of virus or worm.
    so I just came to the conclusion that my computer is corrupted.
    I couldn't even do a system restore. and still don't know what went wrong.
    So, I had to re-format my pc.

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    You usually get this when your user profile is logging in when some key stuff is locked by another process. Backing it out can be tricky. I can usually get it to go by:

    1) Create (or use) another account to login. Needs admin rights.
    2) Backup both user profiles.
    3) Delete both user profiles.
    4) Login as desired user.
    5) Confirm that you get the profile at the desired location.
    6) Log out and Log back in as the alternate user
    7) Use the profile copy utility (under My Computer->Properties->Advanced->UserProfiles)
    8) Pray
    9) Sacrifice animal (cuter and furrier the better)
    10) Login as desired user and see if the profile moved again.

    If it did, something is corrupted. Best bet is to start afresh and copy your data back in as appropriate.


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