I am looking at creating an interactive restaurant site. Some capabilities would be as follows, but it will need to be able to adapt and change quickly, with new features and so on. I am new to the website thing, and will be hiring out, unless we can license a website or software that accomplishes these tasks. Thanks guys!

1) Have restaurants owners/managers log in and make changes to their own profile/site for example, text, pictures, design, video
2) Have them log-in to back office an see data on stats on website
3) Have video loaded on easily for each individual restaurants site
4) Be able to link with strategic partners easily, for instance an SMS provider
5) Each individual profile or site would have e-commerce ability, all secured just to them
6) Basically must be very flexible and be interactive/show data/ easy to use and expand in the future.

What are my option? I am a bit of a noob when it comes to this, I'm more on the business end rather then the website! Any help or tips or ideas would be great! Thanks again!