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    Working as a DB admin

    What does a DB job entail? I know overall it's to manage and ensure the proper functionality of databases, but is there much beyond that which I'm not aware of?

    I have 3 years experience as a PHP/MySQL developer. The db admin jobs spark my curiosity, because I'd like to become more versatile in job opportunities beyond web development. But I don't know how deep my database knowledge needs to be. I've worked with several custom CMSes, and done data migration for a few clients. So I'm wondering how easy the transition to that job could be, and how many people are willing to hire a db admin with that kind of experience.

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    You'll want a certification in whatever DB you plan to work with to start with. An IS/IST degree plus specific certifications would be even more marketable.

    DBAs at companies I've worked for were the only ones allowed to make schema changes on production databases. The DBA was responsible for managing backups and some scripts that had to be run regularly to regenerate materialized views and such. The DBA was also the person that controlled all access to the databases. He/she determined the minimal set of permissions each piece of software, each developer, etc. needed to each database object down to the table/view level and all changes had to go through him/her.

    Perhaps most importantly, the DBA was involved in the design process of new software and changes to existing software, at least after us developers sketched out what we thought we needed. It was her job to evaluate the design and make sure it'd meet the performance specifications required.


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