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    HTML Validation Tool

    It seems that the W3 HTML Validation Tool doesn't like my youtube links:

    Line 73, Column 58: cannot generate system identifier for general entity "feature"
    <a href="">...

    I tried putting in backslashes:

    <a href="\=klkSdZ_g5jI\&feature\=related">...

    However, I keep on getting these same errors in numerous locations.

    Is the second <a href="..."> above correct?

    Should I put backslashes in likewise with all such links?

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    Answer: no.

    The errors you are getting with the = sign are bogus-- the real culprit is the &. Change it into a character entity and you're good-- the = errors will vanish.

    & amp ; without spaces. Yes, you'll have to do this manually, unless you have a back-end script to regex through links and replace them for you. Browsers and other user agents already know to automatically retranslate those back to &'s again.

    Any other errors with characters from the validator mean, not to comment them out with slashes but to use character entities (because it cannot tell when you want to use a reserved character like > in your cdata/content, and when you mean to use it for its special meaning like <a tag>).


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