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    localhost vs computer name

    I'm using db_connect() in php to trying to get it to list my available databases on my computer and here's the problem I'm running into.

    I'm connecting to localhost and it's saying I have no databases (which I do) but looking into WinMySQLadmin, it has the databases listed under CMCblah blah blah which is my computer's name. I, supposedly, can't change that because of the cable modem. But if MySQL is calling localhost something different than localhost, I'm assuming that's why when I do a db_connect() it's connecting but looking in the wrong area to list.

    So the question of this is, how do I want to get either localhost to show up with databases in it or do I need to reconfigure everything else to point to my computer name?

    Any suggestions?


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    For the host name in db_connect() use that's the IP address of the localhost and will remain the same no matter what the computer is called.
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