Hi All,

I had a quick question in regards to Host and domains.

I am very new to web design but really enjoying all of the challenges that it is presenting. I am now looking for a Host and Domain for a few VERY basic websites (mostly just (X)HTML and CSS and maybe a little PHP.

My questions are these:

1. Is always better to choose a host and domain company in the country you reside? (I live in Spain and although my Spanish is not bad, if I need technical help I may struggle)

2. I would need both host and domain that has A LOT of customer help/service as I am a newbie. Any suggestions of what would be important to look for and anything I should try to avoid?

3. Would there be any problems choosing host or domain that is situated in the US? (apart from higher phone bills if I should need to contact via phone).

Any suggestion would be appreciated and congrats on such a great website.