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    Question Are you Addicted to Domaining or your Websites?

    Do you think that maybe your just spending way to much time in front of the computer? Your constantly on the internet trying to work out ways how to make a million dollars from the internet, just like the other 100 million of us?

    Does your girlfriend or boyfriend hassle you, saying all you do is stare at the computer screen, well mine does!

    When your a Domainer, Webmaster, Affiliate Junkie, Ebayer, Poker Player, Online Gambler or any of the money makers that search the net looking for ways to make a easy million dollars, it is so easy to get hooked or addicted to the internet. Maybe your that not badly addicted, but sometimes I am sure that alot of you readers may consider that your internet lifestyle is a problem.

    Maybe you are working on your websites, and searching for good domains from the time you wake up in the morning, until the early hours of the following morning just like I do sometimes. You might spend all day drinking coffee, tea, coca cola, chain smoking cigarettes, slouching on your chair, eating your main meals in front of your computer.

    Well thats just not healthy is it? But do you care? Probably not, becuase the day goes that quick and you probably think that you wont be doing this for the rest of your life! But maybe you will!

    Please Read the rest: <snip>

    Attention Mods: Please feel free to delete if you feel I am promoting my blog.

    The reason I did not post all of story is because of posting duplicate content on numerous sites. And I am not trying to promote my site.

    Please understand that.


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    Yes sorry but that's self promotion, intended or not. So while the topic you discuss is relevant to members of SitePoint it is best to approach a new thread as a question to members without reposting your own content.

    Personally I see nothing wrong with spending all day in front of the computer, so long as you're productive. I often find I lapse into just browsing, when that happens I usually take a break and do something else. It also helps to get out of the house/office at regular intervals just to keep yourself active physically too.

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    I currently spend around 12 hours a day on the net, working on my company's latest website project. I can however go for days in quiet times not eing online at all - as long as I have my email pushed to my blackberry that is !!!


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