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    Career: Selling myself short or unrealistic expectations?

    I was just wondering if I could ask the forum for some career advice; the problem is I don't know if I'm selling myself short or if I have unrealistic expectations. My current situation is this:

    I have a masters degree in Electronic Engineering from one of the top five UK universities.
    I have five years experience as a PHP web programmer, currently working on a large and interesting international project which receives over 100,000 unique visitors a day. The work involves analysis, core programming and support of other development teams (Flash, HTML coders, etc). I'd say now that I have a very good grasp of all the major web technologies.
    As well as PHP I can program in C and I have experience programming in Java and .net. I am also a Linux user.

    The problem is that I seem to be earning less and further down the career ladder than my friends from university are. Although my work colleagues are very friendly, I have the feeling that I am not surrounded by my intellectual piers I know that sounds terribly snobbish, but I think it's a good gauge to know if I'm where I should be as far as career goes. I also feel that PHP is a bit of a kiddy language, although having said that PHP used properly allows rapid, effective and well structured web development just like any other language.

    The question is, should I:

    a) stop worrying, continue with PHP and web development and become an expert in this particular field
    b) improve my skills with another language (Java, C++, etc) and pursue a career with one of these
    c) use my degree skills and do something else entirely

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    I wouldn't suggest even thinking about jumping ship, but if you are going to stay in IT I would suggest:

    1. Improving your knowledge in your existing skill set
    2. Strong emphasis on Java and Javascript
    3. Study and gain database expertise
    Gerald Winter
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