I am trying to get a session variable to determine a file include on my site.
Depending on the value of the session variable I want the page to select the correct file to include.
I have the file set up so that it sets the session variable initially when the page is loaded but the user can change the value of this variable by clicking a link.
This part seems to work fine.
the part I can't seem to work out though is how to get the include file to change based on the session variable value.

Here's the code I'm using to set the session variable:

PHP Code:
session_start(); // start up your PHP session!
if ( isset($_GET['Local']) ) { $_SESSION['Local'] = $_GET['Local'];
else {

Here is the code that doesn't seem to be working to select the correct include file based on the session value:
PHP Code:
if ($_SESSION['Local'] !=""){
$Translate =  "Languages/English.php";}
elseif (
$_SESSION['Local'] =="1"){
$Translate =  "Languages/English.php";}
elseif (
$_SESSION['Local'] =="2"){
$Translate =  "Languages/French.php";}
elseif (
$_SESSION['Local'] =="3"){
$Translate =  "Languages/Spanish.php";}
elseif (
$_SESSION['Local'] =="4"){
$Translate =  "Languages/German.php";}
elseif (
$_SESSION['Local'] =="5"){
$Translate =  "Languages/Italian.php";}
$Translate =  "Languages/English.php"
Does anyone have any idea why this is not working and how to get it to work.
As always any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in adavance