Does anyone know of an FTP control that I can use to "publish" files from MS-Access?!?

First me give you a background of what I am trying to do...

I am using OSCommerce on a site of mine. It stores all its data in a MySQL database which is accessed through a web-frontend. Even on the fastest connection this is a slow why to access the data. We are going to have thousands of products. In order to speed the process up, I am building a front-end in MS-Access for a local copy of the database. We will take advantage of forms and reports in Access and store the database in MySQL on the local machine using ODBC.

What I need to do is create a process so we can synchronize the two databases on a daily basis. Uploading new products and inventory amounts and downloading any sales from the previous day for packaging and shipping. I want to do this with as little human intervention as possible and figured a couple PHP scripts and some VBA code in Access could do it. However I need a FTP control that I can use that doesn't cost much (free if possible) since the resulting product would fall under GPL. Anyone know of such a beast? Or a scriptable FTP application?