I'm a newbie at this, this is my first project. I got about a half dozen static pages built with xhtml 1.0 and everything links fine. Then I wanted to add the database to control the page content. I have two mysql queries that always return the value '1'.

1) The first happens after a successful connect, here is the code snippet:

$DbList = mysql_list_dbs ($conn);
$ListSz = mysql_num_fields ($DbList);
echo "MysqlConnect: DBCount = " . $ListSz . ", ";

Before I created my database, the value was '1'. After the database was successfully created, the value is still '1'.

2) The second happens when I try to create tables, here is the code snippet:

$txt = "SHOW TABLES";
$TbList = mysql_query ($txt);
$ListSz = mysql_num_fields ($TbList);
echo "MysqlConnect: TableCount = " . $ListSz . ", ";

Before I created a single table, I got a result of '1'. I successfully created 2 tables and I still get the value of '1'.

For my environment I'm using the latest version of MAMP (1.7.2 I believe).

I'm hoping someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong?