I'm going nuts trying to find why the end div for "main" does not work right, so as to allow the "site info" div to work correctly. What's wrong is that the site info div is vertical instead of horizontal across the bottom of this page.

However, on this page the same header and footer scripts work ok:
(horizontal site info)

The only difference between these pages is the script between the header and footer, where the divs are nested correctly.
PHP Code:
<div id="content">
    <div class="program_cat">
//Print category name and description

//Print product URL, name and description
foreach ($prod_results as $prod) { ?>

  <h2><a href='<?php echo BASE_URL?>/product/<?php echo $prod['id_prod']; ?>'><?php echo $prod['name_prod'?></a></h2>

//end foreach
  </div><!--end program_cat div -->

<?php if ($img_cat) {?>
    <div id="right_panel">
    <?php echo( "$img_cat); ?>
    </div><!--end right panel -->
</div><!--end content -->
<?php ?>
What am I missing?