Hi there

I have a problem which is being experienced by some customers but I can't replicate it myself so I'm a bit stuck as to what is happening. Any help would be much appreciated. Here is the problem....

I have an ecommerce website and next to each product is a BUY button which POSTs to addtobasket.php, which contains something like this:
PHP Code:
$ref HTTP_SERVER.$_SESSION['ref'];
$prodid $_POST['pid'];
$qty $_POST['qty'];

$prodid) {
$_COOKIE["babasketid"])) {
// See CartOP.php
$basketid generateBasketId();
setcookie("babasketid"$basketidtime()+43200);  /* expire in 12 hours */
} else {
$basketid $_COOKIE["babasketid"];

// Redirect to whereever they came from
So the script will take the POSTed product ID and quantity and add the item to the customers basket which is stored in a mysql database. It will then redirect the user back to whatever page they came from (tracked in the session).

This has always worked absolutely fine for me, but the odd user complains that when clicking the busy button that nothing happens. They are just redirected back to the page without anything being added to the basket.

Apparantly they haven't disabled cookies so that doesn't appear to be the issue.

Any ideas?

Many thanks