I have a question to ask. I have spent weeks trying to solve this issue. I know it is often the simplest things that take the longest to understand. Well here is one of them I need help on!

I have three tables - names_tb, city_tb, zip_tb. How do I get for example, Mike Holmes from names_tb, New York from city_tb, and 13599 from zip_tb to display the information together properly if the have different primary key numbers?

I assume that there is going to be several people from one the same city that join the database at different times. So my main struggle is learning how to query information from differnt tables to display the pieces of information that belong together.

Table structure & fields;
names_tb // lst_name, fst_name
city_tb // city, town
zip_tb // zip, postal_code
email_tb // prim_email, second_email, third_email

I have spent weeks trying to learn how to join tables, query and display the results in an html page. I am recently studying C++ at school. So am pretty quick at picking up on the technical side of things. Any help provide would much appreciated.