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    Need analytics software to support infrastructure


    Does anyone have any recommendation on what type of software is available for me to keep track of server and software status in my enterprise infrastructure?

    We need to be able to capture the following…

    1. We need to know if a server is up or down, every 6 hours 24/7.
    2. We need to know if a background job or process is not running.
    3. Need to be able to keep a history of status of outages per server/software/database.
    4. Need a dashboard displaying the current status of all systems, which will give our business community visibility.

    Today we are receiving a large no of emails into one email box that says in the subject if that process/server is UP or DOWN. We need a better way to mange this, and some how allow the business to have visibility to this info 24hours a day.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Would you be after a system something like Nagious - this will allow you to do the monitoring nicely, its a little akward to setup buut once thats done it'll run on its own.

    As a simpler alternative, there is Cacti. this does monitoring of the servers, but not really processes.


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