Here is the premise:

I need to be able to allow skinning of a stock control using the Theme.SkinFile system.

It needs to be able to use values from a global resource file, and call eval, as it will be databound.

Here are the issues:

Lines like <%$ resources:file, key%> and <%# Eval("Key") %> are not valid in skin files.

Here is what the code looks like page side:


here is what the skin looks like:

<tdclass="thead"><%$ Resources:locale, name%></td>
<tdclass="thead"><%$ Resources:locale, value%></td>
<tdclass="trow"><%# Eval("Key")%></td>
<tdclass="trow"><%# Eval("Value")%></td>

The above was also tried using and asp:literal to the same effect.

Now, how do I solve this?